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Three Different Type of Sarees

There are different variety of Sarees in market sarees are ornaments of Indian lady. When they wear sarees they look attractive and smartie ladies wear sarees in different festivals. There are many categories sarees.

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Banarsi Saree

Banarsi Saree origin weaves migrate from Gujrat to Banaras. It is very heavy and costly. There are many design in Banaras saree. It has long life. It’s border and design is not faded after washing. After wearing banarsi sarees lady looks like princess. The price of this saree is very high in old days lady wear on every occasion. Business of this saree is high. People like to buy it. Types of Banaras saree. Puresilk,jangle,catwork,tissue,georgette saree in India and are known of its rich use of zari. The price of these sarees varies from minimum value one thousand to maximum value upto one lakh. Sellers earns maximum benefits after selling it.

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Kanjivaram Saree

Kajivaram saree find in Tamilnadu. It’s fabric is most durable and strong fabric. This is made by silk threads which is twisted together with silver wire. This silk which is used in this sarus is pure raw silk known as mulberry silk. Kanchipuram sarees are wore bridal and special occasion saree by most women in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh. Jaina kanehi refers to the area around Triupatti kundram. During the British rule the city was known as conjevram and lateras Kanchipuram.

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Bandhani Saree

Bandhani saree is found in Gujrat. Khatri community started this work in Gujarat. Bandhani saree derived form Bandhan. This is part of gujrat culture. It is found in Gujrat and rajasthan type of this saree. Ekdali means single khot. It’s significan is that we wear that people think that wearing red bring good luck newly weds life. Bandhani is the greatest master piece of the Indian diverse. Bandhani is made by using tie die techniques. This technique originated in China. Most common colour yellow, white, Red and all the dots in this are similar in size.

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