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Should You Wear Socks with Cargo Shorts?

Should you wear socks with cargo shorts? There are many different viewpoints on this subject among those interested in fashion. I have my own viewpoint. However, I’ll first discuss the reasons put out by the opposing sides.

Well, it’s a convoluted response. Context is crucial in this case, therefore I believe it’s appropriate to provide the reader with some background information about the circumstances that led me to pose the question in the first place.

I’m from Scotland. When the light does break through the clouds and the temperature rises, which does not happen often throughout the summer, the area is incredibly stunning. Some years have days or even weeks of nonstop warmth and sunshine.

Shorts should be worn on days like these. However, given the scarcity of shorts—and summer clothing in general—in my hands, I make an effort to make the most of what I do have. Every year I think about wearing something that would at least enable socks with the cargo shorts I’m wearing.

Shorts and socks are not a good combination. Who knows when this rule was first established by top aestheticians, but it was eventually passed down down the generations. This rule was mindlessly obeyed for decades by preppy young men, yuppies, and other wealthy young men, and it was followed by individuals who wanted to be a part of that club.

The following justifies the regulation. It is not appropriate to show socks. It was further stressed that when wearing jeans, your socks should not even be visible. You must either avoid wearing socks with shorts or find no-show socks because there is nothing to conceal them.

The latter choice raises yet another style-related dilemma. Most individuals like to wear as few clothes as possible and want to allow their feet access to the air when it’s hot, muggy, and uncomfortable outside. I typically pair my shorts with sandals, and I’d wager that most other males do as well.

Here, footwear is crucial. The style of your complete appearance is set by the shoes you choose to wear. Athletic socks are not required solely for running or going to the gym. White socks and white sneakers are appropriate attire. For an outdoor workout, you should wear socks that match the colour of your footwear.

Even if you plan to spend the day out on the town and want to be at ease and informal, you can wear them with sneakers. But the type of sneakers you choose to wear today should indicate that.

No-show socks or pastel socks should be worn with smart-casual attire. They will look horrible when worn with athletic or tube socks. It will appear utterly ridiculous. Last but not least, you must at all costs refrain from pairing shorts with solid black socks.

When you want to wear a pair of chic cotton pastel socks, there is another significant exception to the rule. Athletic shoes cannot be used with them. They also cannot be worn with athletic cargo shorts. But you may also pair chino shorts with colourful socks. You may cover your entire foot with colourful socks. They can also be worn slightly cinched up, but not by more than an inch.

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