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Does a G-SHOCK watch go well with a suit?

How does the legendary G-SHOCK watch series perform with formal attire? It has long been claimed that the G-SHOCK is the toughest watch on the market.

One of the most instantly recognisable watch brands out there, it is praised by fashion nerds, environmentalists, rappers, Navy SEALS, divers, and more for its boxy form and cutting-edge design. The G-SHOCK watch is the industry standard for bombproof timepieces since it was made to withstand the most stress conceivable. Since its creation, it has had a fascinating history and an impact on culture; this timeline can help us better comprehend this watch, its numerous models, and style options available to it.

Without giving anything away, I think a G-SHOCK looks good with a suit. While I have the audacity to criticise James Bond for donning a fabric-strapped dive watch with a cream tux, I firmly believe that there is a combination dependent on the G-SHOCK and the suit. Following a brief introduction to the history of the G-SHOCK, we’ll discuss several style alternatives based on particular watch models and situations.

The G-SHOCK was created because someone saw a need to advance and advance already-existing technology, which is how all significant innovation starts.

For those who don’t know, the G-SHOCK line comes out under the umbrella of Casio watches, the Japanese electronics company whose scope stretches everywhere from digital watches and alarm clocks to high-end synthesizers, classical pianos, mechanical parts, and medical devices. The G-SHOCK is unquestionably an example of Casio’s ongoing commitment to innovation across all markets in which it operates. Shortly after Casio’s founding in Japan, 1946, they would release the first electric compact calculator, later leading the industry in digital cameras, electronic keyboards, then mass-produced watches. The Casio series of watches have been iconic since their release and have recently seen resurgence in the internet-core vintage revival of 90s tech aesthetics.

Despite being closely associated with the Casio company, the G-SHOCK watches have developed a life of their own and are now iconic in their own right. They are among the best-selling chronographs ever made and one of the most easily recognisable watch styles. The story begins in 1981 with a Casio engineer named Kikuo Ibe who saw the need for durable, drop-proof watches after breaking a pocket watch given to him by his father. Furthermore, according to a few interviews, Ibe saw that many of the construction workers in his development division at Casio were using power tools and jackhammers without a watch, as the vibration of the hammers and type of work they did prevented them from wearing timepieces. In a time before smartphones and immediately-accessible clocks other than the watch, this could be an issue that would have rippling logistical effects, on top of bare inconvenience. With an awareness of a niche in the market and heartbroken by the loss of his family heirloom, Ibe immediately set to work on creating an unbreakable watch. By the time he was done developing what would come to be known as G-SHOCK, his watches would be resistant to high-impact, intense water pressure, and strong centrifugal forces.


Another somewhat divisive option that I genuinely enjoyed and saw as workable with a suit attire. The GA2000SU-2A is a gorgeous timepiece that consistently displays a muted, pastel blue tint. In addition to a few digital dials and displays scattered over the body, it contains a primary analogue chronograph. The casing is made from a really unique carbon fibre resin mould, which makes the watch’s construction lighter and more robust. I particularly like how the often-bright digital screen is integrated more into the watch’s face thanks to the negative digital display.

This watch also features a little more understated urethane strap that nonetheless maintains a semi-uniform appearance, which in my opinion increases its suitability. This watch definitely walks a fine line between being appropriate for both sporting and casual wear as well as more formal attire. The GA2000SU-2A offers a few advantages in terms of dressiness potential, although leaning toward the athletic and informal, such how the colours in this watch are uniform throughout. The watch maintains a consistent style with the help of blue, black, white, and a smattering of orange, making it easier to match it with your suit preferences.

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