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Apple Watch VS Luxury Watch

My apple watch is what I wear the most. In, actually i primarily wear the apple watch. I will often felt tempted to spend a lot of money on another expensive to watch. I adore functionally of my apple watch. I detest to admit if, but when choosing a watch my priorities utility over aesheics.

Point of my view I don,t wear my apple watch but when I am attending work related events wearing a causal gathering. I wear more expensive watch. Suppose I was a lawyer in prior like , i care about how i looked. The substantial amount of money annually upgrading, which would have included laxury items. True but you won,t score my style.

Points by doing so ,you probably would not get fired for wearing one to water. Suppose if you are in an industry that requires suit and ties, formal shoes, a luxurious wrist watch is must. We live in society where some of the powerful are concerned trifles. More think about and it wi very based on social habits and the events you attend. A formal occasion is not the palace for an apple watch.

The durability of a luxury watch is superior to that of any other type. This is my third apple watch. I wil had to replace the last two due to damage. They were not made to last.

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