Prince Charles’s Hidden Musical Talents

Did you know that Prince Charles was a huge fan of classical music? Of course, one can assume that the love to high art is a must trait for the members of the royal family. In this case, though, it seems that the feeling is absolutely sincere.

While studying at the Gordonstoun School, Charles learned the basics of two instruments at once — the cello and the trumpet. By the time prince entered the Cambridge Trinity College, he was an experienced musician. No wonder he joined the cello group of the student orchestra.

On the 60th birthday of his second wife (Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall), Prince Charles performed Richard Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll. Wagner composed it as a birthday present to his wife. This piece is one of the favorite works of the heir to the British throne. It turns out that he is very romantic!

In 2020, Prince Charles, nevermind his age, appeared on two Classic FM radio programs. He discussed Richard Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll piece as well as other works that he likes the most. Charles shared his thoughts about Frederic Chopin’s piano concertos, the Four Last Songs of Richard Strauss, and Julius Benedict’s Piano Concerto in E-flat.

His Royal Highness was a patron of many of the UK’s great music institutions, including London Philharmonia Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Monteverdi Choir, Royal Opera House, and Welsh National Opera.

His wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is also big fan of classical music. She is the patron of many National Youth Orchestra and London Chamber Orchestra.