3 child actors who grew up and sued their parents

Drew Barrymore

From the age of 9, the girl went to nightclubs with her mother – she tried to make the right acquaintances at the expense of her daughter. By the age of 10, Barrymore began to smoke, drink, and at 13 she became addicted to drugs.

At 14, the actress firmly decided to protect herself from communication with such a mother and filed a lawsuit to be freed from her custody. The mother did not object and said that it was time for her daughter to live on her own, and also to pay her (mother) compensation in the form of a tidy sum.

Macaulay Culkin

In his youth, Culkin’s parents were also his agents, not forgetting to take for personal use most of his huge fees. Over time, the family broke up. When Culkin’s parents decided to divorce, they could not decide – who will steer the son’s financial assets. It got to the point of ridiculousness: they alternately refused lucrative offers to annoy each other.

By the age of 15, Culkin realized that his parents, by swearing among themselves, were deliberately sabotaging his career. Then he went to court and decided to get rid of both parent’s custody.

Mischa Barton

From the financial side, the young actress was provided from all sides. True, the assets were managed by her mother, whom Mischa trusted unconditionally. Already at an adult age, Barton suddenly faced the fact that she suddenly ran out of all savings, and she owed more than $ 100 thousand for an overdue mortgage.

She was surprised to learn that her mother bought herself a house for several million and generously paid for her luxurious lifestyle at the expense of her daughter’s successes. Moreover, the daughter herself was in debt and she was facing legal proceedings. Mischa tried to agree with his mother, but she was adamant and did not return a penny.