Stars who were scammed by young beauties

Natasha Potashenova 0

Johnny Depp

Depp dumped Vanessa Paradis for a young actress and married Amber Heard. Johnny was so in love that he surrounded his young wife with attention and care in every possible way. For example, for the first joint Christmas, the actor gave his beloved diamond earrings, a necklace, and a ring for 50 thousand dollars.

We all know how it ended: the scandalous divorce, Amber’s attempts to denigrate the actor and sue him as much money as possible, endless litigations that are still going on. Johnny would have been better off with Paradis!

Jon Peters

“There is no worse fool than an old fool,” 74-year-old Hollywood producer Jon Peters self-critically told reporters. On January 21 this year, it became known about his secret wedding with Pamela Anderson. In just 12 days, the family idyll ended.

It turns out that during the marriage, Peters managed to pay off her debts for 200 thousand dollars: Pamela was practically bankrupt. Not bad! Plus, Jon completely revamped her wardrobe.

Nicolas Cage

In the spring of 2019, 55-year-old Nicolas Cage at that time married 34-year-old makeup artist Erika Koike. It was one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood history: the actor filed for divorce 4 days later, claiming that his wife was cheating on him and in general it was a mistake.

But Erika decided not to let it go and demanded considerable monetary compensation. Only after that did she agree to divorce. “Nicolas treated me badly and unjustly humiliated me in public,” the girl told the media.